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b. 1980


Bow, WA.


MFA, Interdisciplinary Art. Emily Carr University of Art + Design; Vancouver B.C. 2022.

BA, painting; Western Washington University; Bellingham, WA. 2003.


Tattoo Artist. 2015-present.

Freelance Artist/Illustrator/Designer. 2006-current.

Proprietor. the Lucky Dumpster; Edison, WA. 2006-2014.

Art Instructor. Cascades Montessori; Bellingham, WA. 2012-current.




Common area mural.  Whatcom Detox. Bellingham, WA. 2022.

Dining room mural, Toro Restaurant.  Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 

Restaurant murals, entryway and dining area.  Intercontinental Kansas City. Kansas City, MO.

Hallway mural, Chin Music Press at the Pike Place Market.  Seattle, WA. 2014.

Presidential Suite, entryway painting. The Lexington Hotel; New York, NY. 2013

Lobby bar mural. The Lexington Hotel; New York, NY. 2013

45 Paintings for suites. The Lexington Hotel; New York, NY. 2013.

Hallway mural. Make.Shift; Bellingham, WA. 2013.

Edward R. Murrow commemorative mural. Edison, WA. 2011.

250 original paintings for hotel guestrooms & suites. Courtyard Marriott PDX; Portland, OR. 2009.

3 large-scale photographic murals. Courtyard Marriott PDX; Portland, OR, 2009.

Salon installation, the Nines Hotel “Georgian Room” ; Portland, OR. 2008.





The Persimmon Trail.  25 B/W illustrations and color cover.  Juyanne James, Chin Music Press, 2015.

A Commonplace Book of Pie. 27 full color illustrations. Kate Lebo, Chin Music Press, 2013.

School Board. Cover illustration. Mike Freedman, Chin Music Press, 2014​

City Arts Magazine. April '14, December '13, September '13.

Filter Literary Journal, V.3. ​Jennifer Borges Foster. 4Culture, 2010.

Wildcraft. Jennifer Borges Foster and Kate Lebo, 2010.

Marine Resource Monitoring Community Toolkit. the World Bank Sustainable Development Network, 2010.

The Water Down Under. Deborah Rodney, the Water Environment Federation, 2010.

A Waterproof Case. Deborah Rodney, the Water Environment Federation, 2008.

Fort Vancouver Coloring Book. Theresa Langford, National Parks Service, 2008.





DASH Design. Long Island City, NY.

Reed Clarke. Los Angeles, CA.

The World Bank. Washington DC.

City Arts Magazine. Seattle, WA.

Chin Music Press. Seattle, WA.

Paige Powell Productions. Portland, OR.

Fort Vancouver National Park. Vancouver, WA.

The Water Environment Federation. Portland, OR.

What's Up Magazine. Bellingham, WA.

Bison Letterpress. Bellingham, WA.

Subdued Stringband Jamboree.  Bellingham, WA.

Breadfarm. Edison, WA.

Bow Hill Blueberries.  Edison, WA.

Samish Bay Cheese. Edison, WA.




2016, Piecing it Together, solo show; Ghost Gallery, Seattle, WA.

2015, Happily Never After. solo show; PUNCH Gallery, Seattle, WA.

2014, the Dirtbag Sisters: Up Sh*t Creek, Make.Shift Art Space; Bellingham, WA.

2014, Around the Corner and Up the Street; Edison Eye Gallery, Edison, WA.

2014, Pie, solo show; Edison Eye Gallery, Edison, WA.

2014, The Distance: Found Objects and Imagined Narratives; Gallery One, Ellensburg, WA.

2014, the Process of Pie, solo show; Western Washington University Special Collections, Bellingham, WA.

2014, Picture Me There, solo show; Skagit Valley College, Mt. Vernon, WA.

​2013, Superheroes; Make.Shift, Bellingham, WA.

2013, #SHITJUSTGOTREAL, solo show; Punch Gallery, Seattle, WA. ​

2012, the Vices show; Make.Shift, Bellingham, WA.

2012, New Growth, solo show, touring exhibit, Bellingham, WA.

2012, the Permanence of Pattern, Edison Eye, Edison, WA.

2012, ​one-a-day, solo show, Avellino, Bellingham, WA.

2012, the Ways We Stay Afloat, solo show, Redlight; Bellingham, WA.

2011, one-a-day, solo show, JINX gallery; Bellingham, WA.

2011, the view from here, solo show, the Table, Bellingham, WA.

2011, Built by Association, Overgrowth Gallery; Bellingham, WA.

2011, Winter Commission, SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention, Bellingham, WA.

2011, Fate of the Forest, Whatcom Museum; Bellingham, WA.

2010, Locals, the Edison Eye, Edison, WA.

2010, Objectification, Smith&Vallee Gallery, Edison, WA.

2010, Vancouverists, The Life, Portland, OR.

2006-08, Portlandscapes, pop-up touring exhibit; Portland, OR.

2004-5, Americana, pop-up touring exhibit; Portland, OR.









Meet Our Muse. Solestruck Blog, March 2014.

Edison embraces Murrow mural. Skagit Valley Herald, October 13.

Mirror Image. WWU Journalism, April 2013.

What’s Up Magazine, One-a-day, May 2012

Cascadia Weekly, Much More Than Routine Inspiration, March 2011.

Sunset Magazine, Get the Local Goods, May, 2009.






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